I am currently a software engineer at Leap Motion. I have a Master's in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Robotics from Olin College of Engineering. Previously, I've been a roboticist, a dance instructor, a front-end developer and an IP litigation consultant.

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I love sticky notes.

First, they're small, which means you can't fit very much information on them. This is key for readability and being able to absorb large amounts of information at a glance.

Second, they're portable, which means you can encode large amounts of data in the positions of the sticky notes. You can also stick them to each other to create portable hierarchies.

Third, they're quick, which means that the information on any given sticky note is disposable, since it is so easy to recreate one you've lost.

I haven't found any web-based sticky note utilities that combine all these features, so I decided to create one.